Look Right: Lawrence Wilkinson and Neven MacEwan

An Aucklander, Lawrence moved to England in 1994 to pursue a career in motorsports. After some time with Stack and West Surrey Racing, he joined BAR in 1998 to look after on-car software development and testing. He is now overseeing the electronic systems for BAR Honda's new wind tunnel which will be operational in mid 2006. He has been able to get back to NZ every year to catch up with everything, and to justify keeping 2 cars (the 356 and a Volvo 1800S).

Neven and Lawrence met at Auckland University in 1981, Later they formed an Electronics Design company that later moved into software development. Neven is a post-war sportscar looney who currently owns a 1973 911E called "Eva", a 1970 914/6 called "Eric" and an unnamed 1960's Vespa 150 Sportique. His long term aspiration is to own a non-Porsche sportscar.




Look Left: Mark and Sarah Williams

Mark and Sarah have been living in the UK for 8 years, and attempt to get back to NZ every year or two to catch up with friends and family and (recently) to tinker with the 356. Mark has been working at BAR Honda F1 since the team's inception in 1998, travelling extensively to races and tests in the early years. After a year at Jaguar F1 in 2000, Mark returned to BAR to manage the systems group. The interest in motorsport is life-long, having followed the family around NZ racetracks throughout childhood. A passion for Porsches has also developed over a long period, having track-tested all of Ray's race cars over the years and driven various others on the road.



Sarah married in to motorsport, and has become a great fan of F1 and most of all classic Porsches. She first fell for 356s courtesy of a day using Ian and Helen Nott's "Smiley", and since then has been working on finding her ideal car. As a pre-356 training exercise she received a 1968 Beetle 1500, which provided great training in driving technique and mechanical maintenance. Sadly the Beetle story ended with a catastrophic fuel fire, reducing the much loved bug to an ashen wreck. When not thrashing cars, Sarah is the golf and leisure manager at a busy hotel and conference centre.

Mark and Sarah have a 911 C4 at home, in which they've toured throughout the UK and Europe, enjoying fabulous scenery, hospitality and of course some amazing unrestricted autobahns.


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