Day Double-Zero: Sunday October 23


Sarah drove Porridge for the first time ever this morning, leaving her with large smiles indeed. She then moved on to van driving as she followed Lawrence and Mark in convoy on the motorway to Papakura. This pre-event convoy wasn't entirely uneventful, as one of the chrome tailpipes dropped off Porridge while cruising down the motorway. As we left the motorway one accelerator return spring popped loose, leaving Mark working hard to avoid running up the back of Lawrence's car before we even got to the start! Quick reactions on the ignition switch stopped the runaway car, so we popped the spring back into place and then trundled safely into Targa headquarters, the closed off main street of Papakura.  



Hundreds came to watch the as the vast collection of exotic machinery assembled under perfect blue skies, many competitors completing last minute tweaks on their cars before scrutineering. The Targa Twins had no problems passing scrutineering checks, so we were soon signed in and documented. We met many old friends during the day as we wandered amongst the cars.



An optional shakedown stage was offered at the end of the day. Lawrence elected to take his car home for the evening instead, allowing him time to fit a metric speedo' to make navigation easier. Mark and Sarah took Porridge across to a safe garage in Karaka for the night, then returned in the van to Papakura to watch some of the other cars heading off for the shakedown stage, before picking up Neven and returning to central Auckland for the night.



More photos here.