Look Right: 1963 356 T6 Super 90

Lawrence's RHD Super 90 was delivered new in New Zealand in January 1963. It's had quite a few owners since then, but has now been returned to a nice shiny condition. At some stage it was fitted with a later model engine, and now has a big-bore kit fitted, but is otherwise quite original.

Lawrence bought this car from Andrew Bremner in 1993, but not long after that moved to England and left the car behind. A restoration was completed in 2003. Completing the Tour will more than double the mileage travelled since then.

For this event the car has been christened "Katrin", after the only German woman that Lawrence knows.



Look Left: 1961 356B T6 standard

Sarah's LHD standard was delivered new in Texas in December 1961, featuring metallic silver paint, blue leatherette trim and an optional tinted green windshield. Sometime over the following 20 years it transferred to Hawaii, where it was purchased by a kiwi enthusiast and shipped to NZ.

Sarah saw a similar car at the PCGB national event in 2002, and decided then that she had to have one. Two years later she spotted an advertisement from Ian Nott in PCNZ's Speil for this car. After some months of remote negotiation "Porridge" was on a trailer heading for Racing Ray's garage, where it awaited a first drive by Mark in March 2005. Pre-Targa preparations revealed a cracked piston and related wear and tear, so an engine rebuild was required. This proved a good opportunity for an upgrade to a 1740cc big-bore kit, retaining the easy driveability of the 60hp standard engine while giving a bit more torque.



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